Training Philosophy

Having a dog is supposed to be fun! My approach to training is a creative, multi-faceted method using food, play, engagement and more to build a trusting relationship fostered by the synergy of teamwork and understanding. My results-based techniques are designed to maximize the use of positive reinforcement, while also employing additional techniques drawn from each of the quadrants of learning theory.


My training philosophies are built on a foundation of motivation, trust and respect. I utilize both classical and operant conditioning; taking a holistic approach when working with every dog. With extensive experience studying and working hands-on with hundreds of dogs, I understand that no two dogs are the same and therefore each training program is designed specifically around each individual dog.


I have the ability to stop dangerous or unwanted behaviors in dogs and I believe it’s important to make sure dogs understand both a positive marker (“Nice”) for good behavior, and a negative marker (“Nope”) to interrupt unwanted behaviors. Rewarding desirable behaviors increases the likelihood of the dogs repeating them, while using appropriate and humane corrections addresses unwanted or dangerous behaviors.