About Cassie

I began training dogs professionally in 2005, working and volunteering in a variety of animal-centric settings including boarding kennels, training facilities, dog daycares, rescue centers, veterinary clinics, and as a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor training service dogs for people with visual impairments. This diverse background has afforded a well-rounded education in the areas of animal behavior, health and husbandry. 

Successful dog trainers not only possess the ability to train and manage a variety of dog behaviors, but the ability to instruct and educate their human counterparts. With the proper guidance and support, dog owners will feel empowered to communicate effectively with their dogs and feel confident and calm while living and working with them.

I work closely with my clients to develop a training plan based on the specific needs and abilities of each human/dog team. With my professional and upbeat constructive coaching, teams are able to set and reach a variety of training goals. Teams learn how to create fair and consistent boundaries, build a solid foundation of obedience and manners, and discover new activities that capitalize on their natural strengths as a team.