Day Camp

PRICE: $125


This program is available for dogs and puppies age 14 weeks and older. All dogs must pass a temperament pre-screening before attending Day Camp. Camp takes place at my home, located in Southeast Portland in the Brentwood neighborhood. A typical day of camp includes structured group play and social skills development sessions with enforced rest periods. Rest periods allow for decompression and healthy boundary tolerance and allow time for individualized training consisting of short lessons throughout the day, and a variety of time-permitting training outings. Training outings are meant for fun and relaxation, and offer many opportunities to practice important real-world skills like loose leash walking, focus around distractions, self-control in public settings, appropriate behavior around novel dogs and humans in exciting environments such as parks, neighborhoods, pet-friendly stores, rivers, and more.  


Training sessions are individualized, often consisting of the following:

  • Basic obedience
  • Off-leash reliability
  • House manners
  • Crate training
  • Interacting appropriately and relaxing with other dogs


In order to attend camp, dogs must be experienced with and tolerant of physical boundaries and able to spend up to 1 hour unattended in a crate or exercise pen with no excessive anxiety, barking or destructive behaviors. If this is not an immediate possibility, a training plan to work toward this goal through private training sessions may be possible. 


The most successful teams attend Camp regularly, at least once per week. In order to build the foundation for each pup’s training and get each and every team headed down the right path, the most influential factor in making progress toward training goals is owner participation. Supplementing Day Camp with private training sessions will ensure that each team has the ability to implement their pup’s training at home. 


Dogs may be dropped off beginning at 8:00 a.m. and picked up as late as 6:00 p.m.


A maximum of 4 dogs may attend camp daily.


All days of Camp include written summaries of training exercises, photos and videos of all the fun, and follow-up support to implement training in the real world.